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Libro El Abogado Del Diablo Libro Taylor Caldwell Pdf




The hunt for runaway ex-CIA assassin David Graham crosses the Texas border and spills into Mexico as a cold-blooded killer executes his fellow agents, making a twisted quid pro quo with the twisted government of a small Mexican town. “A sickeningly perfect thriller. A must read.”—John Lescroart, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Elliott Quay novels “That's the kind of exciting, edgy novel that keeps you reading late into the night.”—Ransom Riggs, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Starkweather novels “Who doesn’t love a great chase? Throw in a corrupt government? An assassin who wants revenge on other assassins? And an obsession with the perfect chase vehicle? Well, let me tell you, I do! The hunt for the man in black is pure, white-knuckle entertainment.”—Jill Shobe, bestselling author of the Patty Jenkinson novels The hunt for the man in black is pure, white-knuckle entertainment. Ten years after the secret assassination of an internationally renowned terrorist, ex-CIA agent David Graham has left the Agency, hunted, and on the run. Now David—an infamous name to many—has become a legend. But he's not alone. He carries with him the means to kill another U.S. senator, and the far-reaching implications of that crime make him a wanted man across the globe. David has a secret plan to get himself out of the line of fire, the details of which leave only one place for him to go. The Mexican border. As soon as he crosses the Texas line, David's hunt turns deadly. Between Mexico's corrupt government and CIA assassins, he's cornered in an isolated town, with only a few miles of road stretching ahead to freedom. And in this isolated landscape, the line between civilized society and the night is blurred. In this combustible landscape, the man in black will do anything to survive. In the tradition of Don Winslow’s The Power of the Dog and Guy Stewart’s The Expats, The Hunt for the Man in Black is a shocking and thought-provoking thriller that follows the classic thriller formula and plays by its own rules. "Enigmatic, twisty and chillingly fast-moving...[a] dark, disturbing and rewarding new thriller from a master of the genre




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Libro El Abogado Del Diablo Libro Taylor Caldwell Pdf

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